You work hard. You are smart, educated and know what you want. You have come to the right place! At Bee The Buzz Event, we will help you not only plan but also craft your wedding every step of way – so that all you’ll hear on your wedding day is “This is SO you!”

With some creativity and ingenuity, you will be surprised that we can pull off a high-end look with a reasonable budget (just read our client testimonials). All you need is an open mind and trust that we can stretch your budget farther than simply discounts from other vendors (oh yes, we do much more than that!). We will take care of the logistics (e.g. venues, vendors, and variables) and the artistic (e.g. colors and combinations). With our extensive vendor contacts, your money will work as much as you do!

We know that you don’t want just “a package”. You want something that is personal, unique and exactly what you have envision in your head! We can help you get there. We can customize any of our services so you can get a combination of services that is perfectly wrapped in a little bow tie package just for you!

The followings are sample packages for we have designed for you. Please click below:

Full Planning

Custom Pricing


Pricing Range: $2700-$3200


Pricing range: $1500-$2000

All you need is love … and a wedding planner

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