Easy Guide to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Tipping is a reward for an excellent, above & beyond service. Even though it has become customary in some service areas, such as catering staff, it is not mandatory and is completely at your own discretion. Plus, checking the contracts is always the best first step.

jdp-2013-venessa-taryn-148Hair/Make-up artist: A 10-15% tip is expected, just as any other salon visit.

Officiant: Most of the time, officiant does not expect any gratuity, but an additional donation to their church or place of worship is a nice gesture.

DJ/Band: $50-$100 for your DJ will be much appreciated, especially if the location of your wedding is hard to reach with hauling heavy equipment. $25-$50 per band member is appropriate.

Photographer/Videographer: You are not required to tip if they are the owners of the business. However, if there are second or third shooter, giving $50 to $100 per person is appreciated.

Catering: If gratuity is not included in the contract, a 15-20% out of the bill is appropriate. Another way is to ask for how many servers will be in attendance and multiply that number with $10-$15 per staff.

Transportation: 15% of gratuity is expected if it is not included in the contract.

Florist/Baker: They do not expect gratuity but if they do an excellent job, consider giving them 10% out of the services rendered.

Wedding Planners: While the owner does not expect any tip, the planners who has worked so hard to make the wedding day goes off without a hitch would welcome the token of appreciation.

Keep this in mind: Wedding professionals understand that weddings can be a financial challenge, so there are a few gestures that will mean the world for your wedding vendors: Send a hand-written note or write a review on wedding wire or the knot.com are wonderful gestures. Even better, referrals to your friends and family is so much more appreciated than a cash tip!


Written by Bea
on June 15, 2016