bachelorette fun!

This past Saturday, August 23rd, we did a bachelorette party. Ashleigh contacted us about helping her plan a party for one of her good friends, Chantel. Chantel was getting married on the island of St. Thomas in October (um, awesome!) and didn’t have a wedding party. So there was no maid of honor to throw her a party, so Ashleigh stepped up to the plate and wanted to do it. One of the first things Ashleigh told me was that Chantel was the nicest girl you would ever meet and she would do anything for anyone, and that is why Ashleigh wanted to throw her a fabulous party.

Ashleigh owned a beautiful home in the Lake of the Isles area of Minneapolis and she wanted the party at that house. When I sat down with her she kind of knew what she wanted, but with my help together we composed a great party.

This house had a large backyard, with a nice patio area and Ashleigh wanted some cocktail tables set up outside, so that if it was nice out the ladies could hang out and sip their cocktails in the nice summer evening. So we rented three cocktail tables and also got tablecloths and pretty pink sashes to tie around the tables. The ladies did hang out outside at the tables while they were waiting for the mobile specialty shop to get there (if you are wondering what that is- visit their website, it really is a fun idea for a bachelorette party!).



After the ladies were done making some purchases, they moved inside where I had the food and bar set up. Ashleigh wanted a mixture of appetizers and finger foods- nothing too heavy. So I got a plethora of different party trays and dips with crackers. They also had some delicious mini cupcakes and angel food bites for dessert. The bar was stocked with plenty of options for the ladies- from vodka to tequila to champagne to wines. Ashleigh wanted to get some fun martini mixers and I may have gone overboard by getting four different flavors, but they were all almost gone by the time the ladies went out! They loved them. I got a cosmopolitan mix, peach Bellini mix, blueberry pomegranate mix and mango pineapple mix. They were mixed with all sorts of different liquors and the girls said they were so delicious and fun!

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After snacking and sipping, the ladies moved into the living room area for gift opening. Ashleigh didn’t want a ton of decorations, but she wanted some artificial flower arrangements and pearls to drape over the two candle light fixtures on both sides of the fireplace. So I did just that- I made a little bouquet out of a light pink rose, light pink hydrangea and a white lily of the valley and tied them together with gold ribbon. Ashleigh wanted to use light pinks, whites and gold sparkles for the color of the decorations. I found an adorable gold sparkly ‘bachelorette’ sign, so we hung that above the fireplace. The decorations were very simple, but still super fun.

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After the gifts, Ashleigh had a couple of games for the ladies to play. Then it was everyone have one more drink, go freshen yourself up and let’s get ready to go out! While they were all doing that, I cleaned and packed everything up and loaded everything into my car. When I was done, I said my good-byes and wished everyone a fun and safe night. All of the ladies said they had a fantastic time. I had a fantastic time as well. And after I left, I felt like I had made 12 new friends.

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on August 27, 2014