About Bea


Hello Lovelies,

Thank you for visiting our website today!

My name is Bea Mulawarman and I am the owner and founder of Bee The Buzz Event. If you guess the name of the company is a play on words from my name, you are right! I love all things pretty, vintage, artsy, local, and just beautifully constructed goods. Comfy-Chic is a must for my wardrobe (with 2 kids, I have to weather come what may). I love polka dots, stripes and flat shoes (with occasional heels, if I have to). I am constantly changing my hairstyles so it’s hard to keep a style for a long period of time! I am definitely a romantic at heart and breathe weddings and events everywhere I go. I am calm, serene and always respectful to wishes and requests. I’d like to think, that once you get to know me, I can be funny (I just love seeing smiles!) and a fiercely loyal friend.

I am not a typical wedding planner. I earned a Bachelor Degree from University of Kansas and an MBA from University of St. Thomas. I have worked as a Senior Financial Analyst for various corporate America for a few years and have had many years of project managements and resourceful resolutions. My love of travel and classical training from my fashionable mother feeds the other side of my brain. I am comfortable putting together a small, simple soiree as well as designing an intricate event for 500 people. I can also help put together a complex spreadsheet to make sure you are always within your budget. I bring professionalism and creativity to the next level!

My team and I along with trusted and highly skilled vendors breath weddings and events. Our goal is to deliver excellence in everything we do and will not bring anything short of that. We are literally busy little bees who will bend ourselves backward if we need to! Our clients (whom at the end of the planning journey would likely be our friends) from all over the world raved about our organizational skills, positive attitude, and superb quality in planning and executing their events (read their testimonials here!).

Let me know your favorite coffee/tea and we’ll chat, drink and plan!

Cheers ~