5 Honest, Actual Wedding Planning Advice from A Wedding Planner



Of course, there are many… no, I mean a Gazillion of advices floating around on the Internet that you can read up all week long. In the seven years working in this industry, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. The bottom line is I want all my clients to not only have a beautiful wedding but also a wonderful journey to get there! I find clients who were open to suggestions and trust my advice are most likely to be successful in achieving everything that they want with less stress! Here are some honest, actual, wedding planning advice that perhaps will work for you.

  1. Start saving the minute you said “yes” to  the question “Will you marry me?”  Even when parents offered to contribute, it is always a good idea to set aside some funds for the little things that really can add up! Opening a joint checking account that is specifically for wedding expenses is a smart way to go and also can be a ‘training ground’ on how you and your fiancé handle your finances in the future.
  2. Google Docs – Use this for everything  I personally L.O.V.E. Google docs. They are an awesome tool to get you organize everything from the wedding checklist to vendor management to even keeping your secret notes. You can access it from anywhere, at anytime and not having to worry about “Did I save my vendor list?” or “Oh no! the power just went out!” You can also share your documents to a certain people only (keep those nosy family members out) and Google doc saves anything automatically, so it helps you to be on top of everything – from beginning to end.
  3. Appoint a personal attendant1266ParMoer                                                                                                              This should be someone other than your maid/matron/man of honor. Someone that you are very close to and can be your confidant on your wedding day. “Why can’t this be my maid/matron/man of honor?”, You Ask. Isn’t that THEIR role to do this?” Well, yes and no. Yes, they can be your confidant on the wedding day but you’ve chosen her (or him) to be right beside you and to look good on pictures too. No, if you are not comfortable with letting her hold your wedding gown when you need to go on a potty break. The role of personal attendant is to be behind the scene. Helping you with your most intimate details (like the potty break above or where-is-my-deodorant type of detail). I have seen brides with attendants are more likely to be calmer and more able to enjoy the day because she has her best side-kick with her that day.
  4. Treat others the way you want to be treated      Ain’t this the truth? Often times, the pressure of planning things to perfection can bring the worst out of anyone. First, treat your fiancé as the most important person whose opinion matters in the details of the wedding — because he is not only the love of your life but he is also the other half of this marriage union. It takes two to tango! Second, treat your bridesmaids/groomsmen like your most honored guests — because they have been there for you through thick and thin and they are there to support you! Real friendships are hard to find. Keep yours tight and treat them right! Third, treat your vendors with respect — because in turn they will work extra hard and will give you more than you would ever expected. Seriously, no tips would ever surmount the joy of receiving a sincere, genuine thank you from a client.
  5. Let it go                          Imagine the morning of your wedding day. There are a million things going thru your head: “Did I confirm that special plates for the gluten-free guests?” or “Did Dad ever exchange his navy blue socks to black?” This is the time when you take a deep breath and say to your self:”I am going to let this go and enjoy my wedding day”. If you have hired a wedding planner or a Day-of Coordinator. You can even say further “My planner will handle everything else”.  So, let it go … and Eat. Drink. Be Married.bea2-150x108

Written by Bea
on April 21, 2016